26th of May 2018 12h-16h Handcrafts and Local Manufactories Tour & Workshop


handgewebt in berlin produziert in der Prinzenallee 58 im Hinterhof in 13359 Berlin – Wedding. Mittwochs von 15h-19h ist immer geöffnet und sonst gerne nach Vereinbarung: handgewebtinberlin [at] web.de oder 0157753484418. Wenn ich mittwochs nicht da sein kann steht das hier.

26th of May 2018 12h-16h Handcrafts and Local Manufactories Tour & Workshop

An exclusive exploration of Berlin handicraft traditions and innovations plus a practical handloom experience!

Traditional weaving techniques, innovative experimental technologies, local productions, hand-made bags and accessories, knit-wear, hand-woven textiles. All this and much more you will experience during our Handcrafts and Local Manufactories Tour & Workshop!

Touring around Wedding you will have the chance to get to know this neighbourhood under the particular perspective of local handicraft labs. Meet the unique individuals behind them and ask all your questions about their products, their professions and their incredible know-how.

At the end of the tour we come to practice! During the about 2 hours handloom workshop you will learn the basics of this technique lead by the expert weaver Dagmar Rehse. She will guide you through all the processes and help you making your first hand loomed product with a loom frame.
Join Dagmar in this exclusive exploration of Berlin manufactury traditions and innovations and try out hand weaving techniques in her atelier!

The participation to this tour is limited to 12 people.


Start: 12:00

End: 16:00

Meeting Point: tba

Closest station: tba

Price: € 49,- regular, € 44 for students

Language: English & German

The tour will be by public transport.


*2 h guidance through 3 different ateliers and workshops, the exclusive access to their designers and to handicraft experts

*A 2 h handloom workshop at the Atelier handgewebt in Berlin

*A hand weaved product made by yourself during the practical workshop

*New ideas, inspiration and the chance to get to know Berlin under a new perspective


*you can book your spot via email to booking@greenfashiontours.com or via Eventbrite

*Please help us planning and book within May 24th

*We can only take a limited number of people, so don’t risk to lose this chance and book your spot soon!


Dagmar Rehse is a weaver, social pedagogue and political scientist for development. She  is also an expert in sustainable textile production. She is referent for lectures on different topics for Femnet e.V.. She is the founder of “handgewebt in berlin”, a textile label for which she designs and produces beautiful and unique hand loomed textiles and home accessories.


Just send us a private message or email us at info@greenfashiontours.com

**P.S. It is in the responsibility of participants to be adequately insured, we herewith decline any legal liability**


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